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Free Pilates Class

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Try a FEELRIGHT pilates at home class now, for FREE!

If you enjoy the class and would like more information about our membership please head to the membership page of our website

Alternatively, you can sign-up now and get a 7 day FREE trial

Charlie's classes are fun, motivational and adapted to suit all levels. The pilates focused workout means you'll reap a whole heap of benefits including:

Improved posture

Core strength

Muscle strength


Improve fitness and flexibility


Focus the mind


​Membership Includes:

  • 4 Live Classes per Week

  • Free 7 Day Trial

  • Join FEELRIGHT Pilates at Home Facebook Group

  • Access to Class Video Library (100+ classes)

Enjoyed the class? 

You can try the FEELRIGHT pilates at home membership free for 7 days, or head to our membership page for more info.

Free Pilates Class

Kind Words from Our Members

Stephanie James
Pilates at Home member

Brilliant ball class -thank you Charlie. Caught up on Thursday morning and really enjoyed it. I hurt my hand, chest, arms, knee and my pride when I fell on my face last Sunday. Manoeuvrability was zero for a while but I felt ok this morning doing your class

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