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Pelvic Floor Treatment



Hypopressive Benefits

Prevent Leaks



Increase Sexual Function (performance, sensitivity & pleasure)

Diminish Back Pain

Improve Breathing Techniques

Reduce the Waistline

Improve Posture

Enhance Athletic Performance

Pelvic floor treatment (Hypopressives) and how it can help you

Hypopressives are breathing techniques and postures used to decrease or reduce internal pressure, to the thoracic, abdominal, and pelvic areas of the body.

Are you noticing your belly protruding these days?  Do you pee a little when you cough, laugh or sneeze? Do you have pelvic discomfort? Is your sexual response diminished? Are you a bit shorter of breath than you used to be?  Or do you just hate sit-ups? (Who doesn't!)

Follow this simple low pressure workout for your pelvic floor for fantastic results. It works by taking the weight off weak muscles and encouraging repair

There are so many ways it can help - from prevention of leaks, repairing prolapses, improving posture and helping with better breathing techniques. Check out more benefits here

Simple to learn with effective results very quickly. Please contact Charlie for a one to one discussion.

Hypopressives Benefits
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